Slot Machine Variance Explained

Slot machines, whether they are online slots or land based slots, will be designed to give you one of three main types of playing sessions. The terminology used to describe the actual paying formats for slot games is known as variance, and in this article we will explain all there is to know about slot machine variance.

Low Variance

A low variance slot machine has been designed in such a way that whenever you are playing it you are going to get lots of low valued winning combinations spinning in. Low variance slots have been designed in this way to give players longer playing sessions due to the high rate of winning combinations that form.

Often the jackpot payout attached to a low variance slot is a modest valued one which can be won at any time, however low variance slots tend to spin in more low valued payouts than larger valued ones and as such you will have a low grind type of playing session with modest swings upwards and downwards in regards to your credit meter.

Mid Variance

You will find a larger collection of what are known as mid variance slots found in most casinos. When playing these slots, which can be either 3 reel slots or video slots you will get a mixed type of playing style in regards to the values of the winning payouts you will be awarded.

To be honest these types of slots are very popular with players for thanks to bonus rounds and bonus features which most of today’s modern slot games have, then you will always stand a chance of having some sizeable payouts, and with the winning combinations forming quite often an enjoyable game playing structure will be had when you give them any amount of play time.

High Variance

The high variance slots can be very volatile and as such they do not suit every type of player. When you play a high variance slot you will not see that many low or mid valued winning combinations spinning in, sure you will get them appearing however the way these slots have been designed is to give you the chance of winning some huge cash amounts.

When you play a high variance 3 reel type of slot game you will often find high valued wild multiplier symbols in play on the reels, and the way in which the high payouts are formed is via one or two of these symbols spinning in alongside any other symbol.

On video slots you will often find that it is the bonus game which gives you the best chance of hitting a very large winning payout often in addition to some high valued wild multiplier symbols.

If you are new to playing slot games online or in a land based casinos then it is probably advisable for you to start playing the low variance slots first as playing mid variance or high variance slots you may find your bankroll getting decimated rather quickly.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

November 4, 2013 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.