Beginners Guide to Playing Video Poker Online

As a online slot player you may view video poker games as too much hard work, for if you have ever spent any amount of time watching players playing any type of video poker game you will have seen them having to make strategic playing decisions as various points on each game they play, or you may not fully understand the way these types of game are structured or how they pay.

It may actually surprise you to learn that out of all land based and in fact online casino games the video poker games are by far and away the most generous games to play by virtue of their payout percentages, and as such we invite you to reach through this beginners guide to playing video poker, for it will enlighten you on how these types of games work, play and operate and could open up a whole new world of winning opportunities.

How to Play Video Poker

Despite any initial reservations you may have about playing video poker online, you will find it is actually one of the easiest games you can play. Each game will usually offer various different stake options so the first thing you will need to do is to pick a coin value setting that your casino game playing budget can afford.

All video poker games will let you play up to five coins per game per hand, and the pay table displayed on each variant will show you the different winning hand combinations that will be paid out to you at the end of each game you play, if you form one of those winning combinations.

Once you have chosen your stake level you simply need to click on the Deal button, and five face up cards are dealt out to you, once they have you need to use your skill and judgement to hold in place any of those cards which you think will give you the best chance of forming a winning hand combination in the second stage of the game, and you simply need to click on the card or cards you think will and they will then be held and locked into play.

Do not let this aspect of the game put you off, for many online video poker games have a special Auto Hold type of playing option, and by selecting it from the game options tab and turning it on, once the initial set of five cards have been dealt out to you the game automatically holds the best card or cards for you, so you will not have to know which cards are the best ones to hold nor will you have to know every single winning permutations odds of being dealt in on the final stage of the game.

You are then tasked with clicking on the Re-Deal button and any un-held cards are removed from the screen and replaced with new ones from the deck, if after the second part of the game is played out and those replacement cards are in place you have formed one of the winning hand combinations as shown on the games pay table you are rewarded with the respective winning payout.

Some video poker games will, instead of instantly crediting you any winning payout you have just been awarded, offer you a gamble game option, and this additional and completely optional bonus game is explain fully in our Video Poker Games Gamble Feature guide.

Choosing a Video Poker Game to Play

The thing to remember about every single different video poker variant is that they all come with a unique set of game playing rules and a different set of winning payouts as listed on the games respective paytable.

By taking into account each video poker games pay table, the game playing rules you will then find out what the exact long term expected payout percentage of each single game offered has attached to it and you should stick to playing those games which offer the highest payout percentage.

There are a huge number of different video poker variants and as such once you have read through this initial introduction to the game then make sure you take a look at the Highest Paying Online Video Poker Variants part of our website for that lists all of the better paying video poker games offered by several different online casino gaming platforms.

It should also be noted that much like you are able to play progressive slot games and video card and table games you can now get stuck into Playing Progressive Video Poker Games for there are several different video poker games which have a huge and growing progressive jackpot attached to them.

Are Online Video Poker Games Better than Land Based Variants?

You may be asking yourself are there many or in fact any Benefits of Playing Video Poker Online, well there are indeed lots of little extra benefits of opting to play video poker games in the online gaming environment and we have set aside a special part of our website that will highlight all of those benefits to you, so make sure you take a look.

As long as you remember that the payout percentages of the video poker games you will find at most online casinos are higher than virtually every other game found in such places, the range of games are varied and as such you should pick the best paying games on offer to play and that you will be able to set the game to hold the best cards for you after the initial deal, then you will soon discover the joys of playing online video poker games.

Plus is you are in any doubt about whether you are actually going to enjoy playing video poker online then all of our featured casino sites will give you the option of playing their games for free as a guest playing, so you can give them a try and your leisure and see for yourself just how good these games play and pay.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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