Playing Progressive Video Poker Games

You will find that the maximum amount of cash you can win when playing standard video poker games online can vary from video poker game to video poker game, many variants offer 4000 coins as the maximum jackpot whilst occasionally you will find some variant that may offer a jackpot of 5000 or even 10000 coins.

However, if you are feeling particularly lucky today or wish to have access to some video poker games which can offer truly massive jackpots, then it will be the progressive video poker games that will be of interest to you.

There are not dozens of different types of progressive video poker games available to play online, in fact there are only a small number of them available, but we have found two such games which are available at Microgaming powered sites, and below you will find an overview of just how these progressive video poker games play and pay.

SupaJax Progressive Video Poker Game

The progressive jackpot that is attached to Microgaming’s SupaJax video poker game has been known to grow to some very large amounts, however this game is very unique and you will not have seen another game on offer with a similar pay table before.

The one main difference between the SupaJax progressive video poker game and all other variants is that there is one additional playing card in its deck, and this card is not a wild card and it is only helpful in forming one single winning payout as listed on this games pay table, and that is the progressive jackpot paying hand.

Another unique aspect of this game is its actual pay table, for when you activate and play five coins, then one additional winning combination become activated on the pay table, and this is for being dealt four Jacks and that SupaJax card, get dealt this hand combination when playing five coins per hand and you win the progressive jackpot instantly.

If you are dealt four Jacks and the SupaJax card when playing anything less than five coins per hand then you are not awarded the progressive jackpot but get paid a winning four of a kind hand only.

One thing that you also need to be aware when playing the SupaJax progressive game online at any Microgaming powered site is that this game has fixed coin values, and they have been set at 1.00. For reference as you are already probably aware all Microgaming powered sites give you multi currency options, so the actual value of that 1.00 fixed coin will be in the base game currency that your casino account was set at when you registered and opened your account at the casino site you are playing at.

The other pay table listed payouts on offer on this SupaJax progressive video poker game are all identical to those found on a standard Jacks or Better game, which means that the lowest valued hands that are going to guarantee you with a winning payout are any pair with a value of Jacks or higher.

Jackpot Deuces Progressive Video Poker Game

Many online video poker players enjoy playing those variants that have the additional wild cards in play on them, you will find plenty of different versions available at Microgaming powered sites and some worthy of note are the Deuces Wild video poker games as well at the Joker poker game variants.

The highest potential jackpot you will find on offer on any standard Microgaming powered video poker game is the 10,000 coin jackpot on their Deuces and Joker video poker game, however if you fancy playing a game that boasts wild cards and also has a progressive jackpot attached to it then the Jackpot Deuces video poker game is going to be of great interest to you.

As you will have read in regards to the stake value settings of the video poker game above, the way in which you can stake this Jackpot Deuces progressive game is very similar in as much as you will only ever have the chance of winning the progressive jackpot when playing maximum bet hands.

The coin values are once again fixed at 1.00 so when playing this game in the hope of winning a progressive jackpot you need to be aware each game you play is going to cost you 5.00 in total.

The Jackpot Deuces game has a pay table attached to it similar to the Deuces Wild video poker game which means the 2 cards are wild, and when dealt into a hand they can help form winning hand combinations.

However the highest paying non progressive hand is a Natural Royal Flush and when playing this game for maximum coin hands then when you are dealt a Natural Royal Flush you are going to receive a payout worth 4000 coins, unless the winning Royal Flush Hand is in the suit of Diamonds, in which case you will win the progressive jackpot when playing with all five coins in play.

You should therefore factor into your video poker playing strategy the fact that the Royal Flush hand when dealt out to you in the suit of Diamonds when playing 5 coins per hand will award you with the progressive jackpot, so make sure you always keep that simple fact in the back of your mind.

Progressive Jackpot Video Poker Winning Payouts

The major advantage of playing progressive video poker games at any Microgaming casino site is that Microgaming will, once your jackpot has been validated, send the jackpot instantly to the casino at which you won the progressive jackpot, and this means the casino can and is required to pay you the entire jackpot in one lump sum.

So should all things fall into place and you win either the SupaJax or the Jackpot Deuces progressive jackpots then you will not be waiting very long to receive those winnings, usually they are paid into your chosen bank or web wallet account in 24 hours or in some circumstances even less than 24 hours.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

January 22, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.