New Roulette Game Playing Structures

multi-ball-rouletteRoulette games are not in short supply in fact there are dozens of different variants now available to anyone playing at our featured online casinos. There are some very different playing structures in play on all of these newer Roulette games however, and as such have a read through the following guide so you know what each variant has to offer you.

Multi Wheel Roulette – Several Roulette games offer not just one standard wheel in play per game you play but several of them. Depending on which casino you play at there are usually up to three wheel in play on these Roulette games, and players have to bet on each one of them to set the games into live play, so they can often be quite expensive games to play, unless your chosen numbers keep on spinning in.

Progressive Roulette – A small number of casinos will offer you a Progressive Roulette game, please bear in mind when playing these types of Roulette games a bonus bet needs to be placed for players to have a chance of winning the growing jackpot, and that bonus bet will reduce your over payout percentage quite dramatically over time, unless you win the jackpot that is.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette – You will find that this online Roulette game has an additional betting location on its betting layout, and this is the Yellow Bonus box, which for reference is one and a half times bigger than the other ball wells, when the ball lands in the well you are awarded two free spins on the wheel, with all your existing wagers still in place for both of those spins. An additional payout is awarded if you bet on this locations and it spins in again during those two free spins of the wheel.

Multi Ball Roulette – The Multi Ball Roulette games are identical to the 3 Wheel Roulette games, with the obvious exception that there is just one Roulette wheel in play. However when you play these variants three balls are sent into live play and a range of bonus bets become activated and can be bet on when playing this game.

Three chips per number or betting location does need to be wagered when playing Multi Ball Roulette, so do keep that in mind, for much like the Multi Wheel game mentioned above this one can be another expensive Roulette game to play if you numbers are just not spinning in.

Double Action Roulette – The Double Action Roulette game variant should appeal to all Roulette players, for there are two wheels in play and as such there will be two chances of winning on every game you play.

However, what makes this game highly playable is that you can play a side bet on any one number in the hope that number gets spun in on both wheels, and if it does then you are paid out at odds of 1200 to 1! This makes the already volatile game of Roulette even more volatile, and just two matching numbers spin in when you have placed a bet on those two numbers can massively increase your bankroll.

3 Wheel Roulette – You need to be prepared to put three chips down on any one single number you play when playing the 3 Wheel Roulette game, for you are going to have three chances of each number spinning in, due to their being 3 wheels in play! A bonus bet is also offered which awards a set of various winning payouts based on the outcome of the three wheels.

Zodiac Roulette – The Zodiac Roulette game is much like the Mini Roulette game found in Playtech powered online casinos, and as such there are just thirteen ball wells on the Roulette Wheel, instead of numbers being attached to each well this game uses stars of the Zodiac as the locations on the wheel and also on the betting layout, however be warned the house edge on this game is huge.

Roulette Hot Streak – The Hot Streak Roulette game may interest you if you like playing six number bets, for before you set a game into play you can opt for any of the available and highlighted 6 number bets to be your lucky set of numbers. Placing a wager on that set of 6 numbers and then seeing any of them spinning in will award a bonus payout, which grows in value in the next few spins are also any of those six numbers.

Pinball Roulette – The Pinball Roulette is a game very similar to the Bagatelle Roulette game found on land based Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in the UK. You will find all of the usual Roulette bet types are on offer, however it is the way the wheel lands in one of the ball wells that makes this game very unique.

Once you have placed your wagers you can then set the ball into live play, and a ball will then be dropped from the top of the screen and will work its way down the screen, hitting and bouncing on any pins in its way, as it works its way down the screen.

At the foot of the game are the number wells which are moving sideways, whichever well the ball ends up landing in is of course the winning locations of that single game.

Golden Clover Roulette – The Golden Clover game is quite a unique game, for whilst it offers all of the betting options as found on other Roulette games, instead of a ball spinning around a wheel, a light spins around a race track type layout, and the wherever this light finally lands is the winning location for that game.

Lucky Star Roulette – The Lucky Star game is not really a Roulette game and it is structured very similarly to the Golden Clover game mentioned above. You will have several different betting locations available and you will be hoping your chosen one is where the light stops at once it has been spun around the layouts a few times.

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