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Casino gambling is available in United States in both land-based casinos and online casinos accepting players from the USA. Here you'll find the most popular online casino choices for US residents, options for depositing real money, and information about the legality of casinos in America.

There are a few places where casino players can go in order to gamble and enjoy their favorite casino games. However, most casino goers find themselves needing to do a bit of traveling in order to get to the casinos. Online casinos have changed all of this and now players can participate in the games they want at any time of the day or night and without the need to go anywhere.

There are quite a few online casinos that are geared toward US players and this gives them a place they can go to where they feel comfortable and will get a lot out of the time they spend on there. Just about all the popular casino games can be found on many of these casinos and it is relatively easy for a player to find one casino that meets all their gaming requirements as far as the gamesthey want to play, the budget they are working with, and what type of setting they enjoy the most. Here are some things you want to keep in mind when looking for the best USA casino for you to play at.

The games you want to play should be offered and be powered by great software. You should look for an online casino that has a lot of different types of games. Even if you haven’t played certain types of games, you want to look for them in case you want to try them out in the future. Generally, the US casinos will have such games as slots, video poker, table games, card games, and other specialty games such as keno and bingo.

Pay attention to the payout percentage and the reputation of an online casino. These things will help you to know that you are making a good decision. A higher payout percentage tells you that the casino is known for paying out often. The good reputation lets you know that it has proven to be the right one for many and this means it is doing things right. Bonuses can help you a lot in this industry and there are many types out there. Learn all you can about the bonuses and other promotions the casinos have.

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Best Deposit Methods for Americans


Banking is a very important part of playing at an online casino. You need to know your money is safe while you are making both deposits and withdrawals into and out of your account. US players have found it to be a bit more difficult to find banking options since the enforcement of the UIGEA. Here are some of the best banking methods still available to US casino players:

Credit cards

Many online casinos still allow for US players to use credit cards for their online casino banking needs. Prepaid credit cards are a great choice which a lot of players like due to the fact that they don’t have to divulge any personal information about themselves in order to use the prepaid credit card. Plus, they are very simple to use.


There are still some good eWallets that continue to offer their services to US casino players. However, many of the main ones have pulled out of the market. The list of eWallets still accessible to US casino players changes constantly. The best thing to do is to take a look at the available methods the casino you are interested in and read the terms for the eWallets they offer.

Money Transfer Services

Many US casino players use money transfer services such as Western Union or Money Gram in order to fund their accounts. However, these services can be known for being quite costly. Always read the fine print regarding the fees associated with using a money transfer service.

US Casino Legal History

US players once found it extremely simple to find an online casino to play on. They had little problem being accepted at one and finding plenty of banking methods they could use. Since the enforcement of the UIGEA things have become a lot stricter and USA players have to do a bit more research. However, they can still enjoy all the online games they want for real money, so long as they put in a little time to find the best alternatives for them

USA meets Canada online

So far in this text, we have been speaking about US casinos and regulation. Now we have traveled a bit north to their neighbor Canda.

There are more and more casinos online operating in the beautiful country Canada. Canadas Igaming industry has been growing rapidly in the last couple of years and seems to be one of the next big countries when it comes to casino online.

Today you will find a good range of different casino games, so you will for sure find a game which will suit you a bit extra. You will also get spoiled with awesome casino bonuses, like a welcome bonus, deposit offers, and free spins.

Find your best Canadian Casino online

For a newbie or even a regular casino online player, it can feel like a big jungle when it comes to looking for the best Canadian casino online. Then is good to take some help from different compering sites online. One of the best and most serious ones we found online was www.casinoguides.ca where they list all the newest casinos online in Canada with the best casino bonuses and newest casino games and what secure and safe payment method the online casino is using.

Land based casinos VS online casinos in Canada.

We have here gone through shortly what are the good part about online casinos. However, we are aware that there are still people who prefer the gold old land based casino. Is a feeling which is hard to beat when you are having a night out at the casino with some good company.

First, you dress up, so you look at your best, after you all going together to the casino and starting to have a really fun and existing night with a hope to a good outcome of course. The part of visiting a land-based casino is hard to find on an online casino, even if they offer usually a very good live casino section you maybe won’t get the same feeling.

We have gathered the 3 top lands based casino here below.

Top Three Casinos In Canada

The top three casinos in Canada serve as tourist destinations from the blend of beauty and gambling experiences.

Here is a list of the three biggest

River Rock Casino Resort

Located Richmond, British Columbia, the casino is the largest in western Canada with 70,000 Squared feet. It has 900 slot machines, a high stake VIP room and a poker room with 14 tables. The casino also has luxurious accommodations and great restaurants inside. Its scenery is a beauty to behold since it’s located on the shores of the Fraser River.

Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino

The casino, located in Windsor, Ontario, reaps from its proximity with the US. It attracts tourists from Detroit, Michigan, which border lies less than a mile away from the casino. It has 758 guest rooms and suites and a well-equipped fitness center. They have many electronic slots and gaming tables, and a poker room with 14 tables. The slot machines can take orders for players’ drinks.

Casino Niagara

The casino is located next to the breathtaking scenery of the Niagara Falls, that is shared by both Canada and the US. It is estimated to be 95000 square feet and has over 1500 slot games and 100 gaming tables offering nearly all games. The poker room has 12 tables and has huge demand such that reservations have to be made for a seat at one. The casino has one of the best weekend action packs, from adult stand up comedies to live music.

Popular US Gambling Cities