• West Virginia online gambling guide

West Virginia online gambling guide

Gambling in West Virginia is slowly but surely picking up pace due to the state’s leniency and tolerance to quite a number of gambling activities. The presence of five casinos and five racetracks has offered the state’s residents with a lot of options as far as gambling and betting is concerned.

However, there are still a few gray areas concerning online betting laws and online casinos that are important to address. If you have been having problems understanding the gambling situation in West Virginia, you are in the right place. Let’s dive right into it!

What Is Considered As Gambling?

According to West Virginia laws, gambling is described as wagering money on something else of value on any game of chance or luck or knowingly giving money or other possession for a bet in a game of chance.

Is Online Sport Betting In West Virginia Legal?

Absolutely! Because of the ban on online betting in all but five states in the US (Nevada, Montana, Oregon, New Jersey and Delaware), gambling has always been on the low. However, different states have passed legal sports betting bills. While some states are on the preliminary stages others have betting industries up and running.

West Virginia is the fifth state to institute post-SCOTUS ruling, having finalized the regulations around august 2018 and began giving licenses since then. Since then the state of West Virginia has issued licenses to 5 firms and online gambling has finally returned to the state.

Online Casinos

Unfortunately, there are no online casinos in the state of West Virginia. The situation is about to change, the state passed the West Virginia Lottery interactive wagering act that allows five casinos to create and run poker and casino applications online. This law provides and directs the responsible officials to draft regulations in 2020, hence setting the online ball rolling. So if you are into an online casino, you have to be a little patient.

Social Casino Site Options

If you are a resident of the West Virginia area you do not have to worry, There are several online casino games which are purely meant for non-monetary recreational purposes. This means that you do not stand to risk, lose or gain any money from these sites. These sites, however, require you to be twenty-one years or older to participate in these games. You must always remember that these games are purely for amusement.

Legal Gambling In West Virginia

West Virginia is making major steps as far as online gambling is concerned. Despite not having online casino games available for gambling, the state allows the following alternatives:

  • Online skill games
  • Fantasy sport betting
  • Horse/greyhound racing betting

These aforementioned activities are legal because they work well within the following laws of the state:

  • Skill games do not fall in the category of betting because they do not depend on luck or chance hence they can be played with real money. The most popular skill games are strategy games which include rummy hearts and spades.
  • Greyhound and horse racing are legal and provided for under the Federal Interstate Horseracing Act of 1978 along with a 2000 amendment.
  • Fantasy sports betting is not considered gambling because users do not make use of chance or luck in the competition process but rather use their skills. This was cited in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006.

Fantasy Sports

Are you a sports fanatic? Then you must have at some point tried it out. You may be asking yourself why is fantasy sports legal? Well, it is legal because it has proven over time that winning or otherwise is always dependent on the skills of the player rather than luck or chance. Fantasy sports betting was approved as a legal type of gambling by the UIGEA in 1999. Among the most popular and most liked websites is the drafting which allows you to organize your team daily.

Online Poker

There are a lot of gray areas in online poker because the state has not yet determined whether poker is a game of chance or pure skill. As a result, playing online poker is not outlawed nor allowed hence leaving online poker websites up and running.

At the moment no website has been given any license to serve West Virginia, therefore, the ones existing are not regulated and hence not trusted.

Online Horse Or Greyhound Racing

Horse and greyhound racing is a sensation among the residents of West Virginia. Some of the many casinos situated in west Virginia have racing tracks greyhound and horse racing. Under this, gambling and betting at the same location are very possible. Many West Virginia’s residents, however, prefer to gamble online since it is legal and controlled by the state.

Among the most used websites for horse racing is TVG which gives you access to tracks not only in the US but also around the world. You can wager from the comfort of your sit. TVG is fully regulated and licensed by the government, therefore, it is a rather safe space for your online gambling activity.


West Virginia so far is considered as one of the states that are tolerant of gambling. With casinos and race trucks there are endless opportunities for getting more casino games and slot machines in horse and greyhound racing games. Just because there are no current bills to legalize other forms of gambling soon, it does not mean it won’t happen. West Virginia has shown potential more than any other state because of the open approach to gambling. You must stick to the gambling platforms that the state has provided for because they are regulated and held accountable for any misconduct.

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